It’s been a while…
All photos by me.  It’s been a while…
All photos by me.  It’s been a while…
All photos by me. 

Hi all, 

The amount of support that Eddy’s had so far through the fundraising page has been nothing short of amazing. We can’t thank you all enough for your words of support, the donations and the sharing of his story, it’s means so much to us and Eddy. 

Eddy is still in intensive care after his second operation yesterday, you can read his updates via the link below…he’s still fighting to get through this so please keep your fingers crossed for his recovery. 

We’re hoping to visit Eddy later on today so there will be more updates later on but you can still donate to help this amazing boy and/or share his story on your Facebook/Twitter etc. 

Go Eddy!

Much Love, 

Matt x 

My dearest friends and followers,

Some of you may have followed the story of Eddy the cat I’ve been posting about over the last few weeks. Well, Edward is a wonderful stray my wife and I took in only to discover he had a life threatening condition. He’s currently at Bristol Vet Hospital undergoing an extensive operation and treatment but his recovery has been an extreme roller coaster ride and he needs your help!

You can read more about his story and (if you can) help him out by following the link. 

If you could share this around both my wife, myself and Eddy would greatly appreciate it. 

Much love, 

Matt x 

This week has been beyond comparison, the sudden death of one our rabbits was really bad but to top it all off one of the stray cats we took in for neutering (we named him ‘Edward’ as I loath to refer to any animal as ‘stray’) was diagnosed with a rupture in his diaphragm.

Basically this means that all his intestines were making their way up into his chest cavity getting in the way of his lungs and heart. We noticed him breathing funny on Thursday evening and after a trip to the vets on Friday the diagnosis was made.They think the operation might have made the problem (which they think he’s had for a while) worse which made us feel like shit. Either way, the options on the table were to either put him to sleep or operate. 

Now, over the course of 4 days ‘Eddy’ showed off just how much of a loveable cat he is, gentle and kind and wanting to be stroked as soon as we walked in with the food bowls, Of course, the choice was obvious…we decided to refer him to a specialist animal hospital in Bristol. We picked him up from our vet last night at 9:30pm and got him admitted by 11pm. The vet who checked him over was confident that the operation would go well but with any kind of surgery there are risks and we were prepared for the worst. 

This afternoon Eddy had his surgery and after a quick call from the vet he’s in recovery and doing well. He’s not out of the woods yet, he’s had to have a portion of one of his lungs removed so now it’s a waiting game to see if his lungs recover well.

We have everything crossed for little Edward, after all he deserves a good life. 

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